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Linking Land Use and Ohio's Waters Toolkit

Recommendations that Ohio’s local governments can use to reduce land use impacts on water resources and provide economic benefits.

How we use our land impacts our water and our quality of life. The thoughtful balance of environmentally friendly practices and development opportunities positively influences the quality of life in our communities. The health of Ohio’s citizens now and in the future, and the robustness of the state economy depend upon the quality of our streams, rivers, lakes, and ground water.

How can local governments help?

Be proactive and take action! Follow in the footsteps of other communities that have implemented land use practices to reduce development costs, enhance property values, lower maintenance costs on streets and sewers, and protect the natural landscape. Local governments can help businesses and residents make smart decisions on local land use that will have a positive impact on the watershed and the quality of the community, as well as reduce their own costs.

What are best local land use practices?

Best local land use practices are recommendations from development and environmental professionals that Ohio’s local governments can use to change the way businesses and residents develop and redevelop properties. These practices both reduce the impact on drinking water, fishing and recreation, sanitation, irrigation, watering stock, wetlands, and the quality of other water resources, and provide economic benefits.