Toolkit & Model Ordinances

Balanced Growth Toolkit

This is the suite of resources developed with the 2004 Best Local Land Use Practices. Click on any item below to view the PDF.

Model Zoning Codes

1. Stormwater & Aquatic Areas Chagrin River Watershed Partners Models a. Stormwater Management b. Riparian Setbacks c. Wetland Setbacks d. Erosion & Sediment Control

2. Meadow Protection Madison, WI Ordinance White Bear Lake, MN Ordinance Long Grove, IL Ordinance

3. Coastal Protection To be developed

Guidance Documents

1. Conservation Development Countryside Program Model a. Part I - Introduction b. Part II - Township Regs c. Part III - County Subdivision Regs d. Part IV - Guide for Adapt-Use e. Part V - Appendices Rootstown Ordinance Delaware Ordinance

2. Steep Slopes Chagrin Falls Ordinance Baltimore County Ordinance Bath Township Resolution

3. Historic Preservation Indiana Model Ordinance Pennsylvania Model Ordinance

4. Scenic Protection Sheboygan County Model Ordinance Missouri Model Ordinance

5. Woodland Protection Countryside Program Approach Olmstead Falls Ordinance

6. Agricultural Lands Protection Miami Township, OH Model Ordinance Lancaster County, PA Model Ordinance

7. Compact Development Wisconsin Model Ordinance Columbus Traditional Neighborhood Development Mantua Village Ordinance South Euclid Ordinance

Balanced Growth Best Local Land Use Practices Document

Information about how the models were chosen and developed are included in the Best Local Land Use Practices document.