Best Local Land Use Practices

In addition to supporting local decisions about the location of growth, the state will also supply guidance on best local land use practices for protecting clean water wherever the expansion of developed areas occurs, and for reducing impacts to clean water in redevelopment situations.

This includes chapters with guidance for a range of best practices, example ordinances and resolutions for local communities, and training opportunities for local government elected officials and staff. Chapters have been prepared for Comprehensive Planning, Compact Development, Conservation Development, Stream, Floodplain, and Wetland Protection, Storm Water Management/Erosion and Sediment Control, Natural Areas Establishment and Management, Source Water Protection, Tree and Woodland Protection, Steep Slope Protection, Brownfield Redevelopment, Agricultural Protection, Transfer of Development Rights, Historic Protection, Scenic Protection, and Access Management. 

An updated suite of Best Local Land Use Practice tools is available! Click here to access the toolkit.

NEW! The Ohio Balanced Growth Program co-sponsored research with the Ohio Department of Transportation to look at the relationship of Balanced Growth land use and transportation. The researchers analyzed the link between local, regional and state decision making and key transportation outcomes including efficiency, cost, and safety.  It was conducted during 2013-2014, with findings published in early 2015.  The full report and executive summary can be accessed at the ODOT website here. We have developed this brief to communicate what local governments can learn from the results of this study. This was a joint project of the CSU Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs and the Washkewicz College of Engineering, along with engineering/planning consultant CDM Smith Inc.

Not sure if the Best Local Land Use Practices could work in your community? Watch the updated program videos on the OhioLakeErie channel at YouTube or watch the Lake Erie version of the video on this site where local officials and others explain how the practices have helped their communities.

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