Programs supporting development or redevelopment of airports

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Program Name and Type of Assistance

Program Link

Special Incentive



Ohio Airport Grant Program (Financial Assistance: Grants)

Program Website


Dept. of Transportation

Provides financial assistance to publicly owned airports in the state that do not receive FAA passenger or air cargo entitlements.


State Infrastructure Bank

(Financial Assistance: Loans)

Program Website


Dept. of Transportation

Funds highway, rail, transit, intermodal, and other transportation facilities and projects which produce revenue to amortize debt while contributing to the connectivity of Ohio's transportation system and furthering the goals of corridor completion, economic development, competitiveness in a global economy, and enhanced quality of life.


Litter Cleanup Grant

(Financial Assistance: Grants)

Program Website


Dept. of Natural Resources

Provides grant funds for costs associated and participation in community based litter cleanup and public awareness efforts. 



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