Programs supporting conservation in urban areas

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Program Name and Type of Assistance

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Special Incentive



Lake Erie Protection Fund (Financial Assistance: Grants)

Program Website


Ohio Lake Erie Commission

Funds (1) Research into the economic, environmental, and human health effects of contamination; (2) Research and data collection regarding water quality and toxic contamination; (3) Developing improved methods of measuring water quality and establishing a firm scientific base for implementing a basin-wide system of water quality management; (4) Improving scientific knowledge on which protection policies are based and devising new and innovative clean-up techniques for toxic contaminants; and (5) Supplementing state commitments to policies and programs pertaining to water quality and resource protection.


Clean Water Act Section 319 Program

(Financial Assistance: Grants)

Program Website


Ohio EPA Division of Surface Water

Provides financial assistance to local soil and water conservation districts, local watershed groups, local governments and others to implement watershed management actions designed to eliminate impaired waters and reduce nonpoint source pollution in Ohio.


Litter Cleanup Grant

(Financial Assistance: Grants)

Program Website


ODNR Division of Recycling and Litter Prevention

Provides grant funds for costs associated and participation in community based litter cleanup and public awareness efforts.


Streams and Storm Water Program

(Technical Assistance) (Financial Assistance: Grants)

Program Website


ODNR Div. of Soil and Water Resources

Protects and enhances the integrity of stream resources with an emphasis on preventing and addressing the degradation common to Ohio's urbanizing areas and historically modified streams. The Division provides assistance to local government, business and individuals in the areas of site development, storm water management, stream mitigation, rehabilitation and restoration (mitigation review and design assistance).


Urban Forestry Program (Technical Assistance)

Program Website



ODNR Division of Forestry

Provides community officials and allied agencies with the organizational and technical ability to effectively manage the trees along streets, within parks, and on public grounds.


Section 208 Planning (State Water Quality Management Plan)

Program Website


Ohio EPA and Six areawide planning agencies (TMACOG, NEFCO, NOACA, ERCOG, MVRPC, and OKI)

Meets requirements in federal regulations: to apply knowledge of the water quality problems and threats in a region in developing plans that identify what steps will be taken, by what entities and by when to help improve and maintain good water quality.


Surface Water Improvement Fund (Financial Assistance: Grants)

Program Website



Ohio EPA

Provides grant funding to applicants such as local governments, park districts, conservation organizations and others. Water quality improvement projects eligible for SWIF funding include: Stream restoration and/or renaturalization, riparian restoration and protection, wetland restoration and protection, innovative storm water management demonstration projects, inland lakes restoration and management, replacement and/or repair of on-site home sewage treatment systems.



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