Programs Supporting Grasslands Conservation

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Program Name and Type of Assistance

Program Link

Special Incentive



Lake Erie Protection Fund (Financial Assistance: Grants)

Program Website


Ohio Lake Erie Commission

Funds (1) Research into the economic, environmental, and human health effects of contamination; (2) Research and data collection regarding water quality and toxic contamination; (3) Developing improved methods of measuring water quality and establishing a firm scientific base for implementing a basin-wide system of water quality management; (4) Improving scientific knowledge on which protection policies are based and devising new and innovative clean-up techniques for toxic contaminants; and (5) Supplementing state commitments to policies and programs pertaining to water quality and resource protection.


Clean Ohio Conservation Fund

(Financial Assistance: Grants)

Program Website


Ohio Public Works Commission

Provides funding for the preservation of open spaces, sensitive ecological areas, and stream corridors.


Litter Cleanup Grant

(Financial Assistance: Grants)

Program Website


Dept. of Natural Resources

Provides grant funds for costs associated and participation in community based litter cleanup and public awareness efforts.



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