Programs Supporting Priority Agriculture Areas

These programs may also support conservation of agriculture in Priority Conservation Areas (PCAs).

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Program Name and Type of Assistance

Program Link

Special Incentive



Agricultural Pollution Abatement Program (Technical Assistance)

Program Website


Local SWCD

ODNR Division of Soil & Water Conservation

SWCD technical staffs provide technical assistance to agricultural producers and forest landowners to solve pollution problems. Cost share through the Agricultural Pollution Abatement Program is provided to eligible producers. 


Agricultural Security Area  

(Financial Assistance)

Program Website


ODA Office of Farmland Preservation

ASAs are a partnership between the farmland owner and the local elected officials. The local governments commit not to initiate, approve, or finance any non-farm development activity, such as extending water and sewer lines, building new roads, housing subdivisions, commercial or industrial facilities, etc., within the ASA during a 10-year term. Likewise, landowners commit not to undertake any non-agricultural development on their farmland. 


Clean Ohio Agricultural Easement Purchase Program (AEPP)

(Financial Assistance)

Program Website


Ohio Department of Agriculture

AEPP, a competitive program, provides grants to local governments and land trusts to purchase agricultural easements from willing landowners.


Clean Water Act Section 319 Implementation Grants Program

(Financial Assistance)

Program Website


Ohio EPA Division of Surface Water

The 319 Implementation Grants Program provides financial assistance to local governments, soil and water conservation districts, local watershed groups, and others to implement watershed management actions designed to restore impaired waters and reduce nonpoint source pollution in Ohio.


Agriculture Districts

(Financial Assistance)

Program Website


Mitigates the push to convert farmland to other uses. An agricultural district provides protection for farmers from nuisance lawsuits, defers expensive development assessments until the land is changed to a non-agriculture use, and offers state scrutiny of local eminent domain acquisitions in certain cases.


Current Agriculture Use Value

(Financial Assistance: Tax Abatement)

Program Website

  Department of Taxation

For property tax purposes, farmland devoted exclusively to commercial agriculture may be valued according to its current use rather than at its "highest and best" potential use. By permitting values to be set well below true market values, the CAUV normally results in a substantially lower tax bill for working farmers.



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