Ohio Balanced Growth Strategy

The Ohio Balanced Growth Strategy outlines the purpose and direction of the Ohio Balanced Growth Program. It contains information on actions that state agencies will take to support and enhance the program for participating local communities. The Ohio Balanced Growth Strategy was adopted by the Ohio Lake Erie Commission in December, 2011 and by the Ohio Water Resources Council in February, 2012.

Most of the elements in the Strategy are summarized on the Balanced Growth Program Fact Sheets for easier reference.

State Incentives List

The current listing of state programs offering special incentives is:

Balanced Growth Program - Special Incentives - June 30, 2014

The Ohio Development Services Agency, Office of Redevelopment is now offering technical assistance to Balanced Growth communities: staff from the office will meet with you in your community to discuss how you can use their programs to support Priority Development Areas. Check out their flickr photos from existing projects! Contact them directly for more information (be sure to mention Balanced Growth).

Strategy Document

The Ohio Balanced Growth Strategy document provides the most up-to-date information on the direction of the Ohio Balanced Growth Program. 

Ohio Balanced Growth Strategy 2011 - FINAL

Ohio Balanced Growth Strategy 2011 - FINAL - Appx. A & B

OBGS 2011 - FINAL - Appx. C (Inventory of State Programs 4-8-2014 UPDATE)

Ohio Balanced Growth Strategy 2011 - FINAL - Appx. D & E

Last Update: 7-7-2014