Planning Framework

Linking Land Use and Lake Erie: A Planning Framework (released April 2004)

Balanced Growth is a strategy to protect and restore Lake Erie and its watersheds to assure long-term economic competitiveness, ecological health, and quality of life.  The Ohio Balanced Growth Program grew from the Lake Erie Balanced Growth Program, which was outlined in Linking Land Use and Lake Erie: A Planning Framework, the guiding document released by the Balanced Growth Blue Ribbon Task Force.  The Task Force was organized by the Ohio Lake Erie Commission and issued Linking Land Use and Lake Erie: A Planning Framework in April 2004.

Click here to download Linking Land Use and Lake Erie: A Planning Framework.

Since the Ohio Balanced Growth Program was expanded statewide to include the Ohio River watershed in 2009, it has become necessary to update the language in the planning framework to address the program change. This update to the program, along with the state's strategic goals and plan for implementation, can be found in the new draft Ohio Balanced Growth Strategy on the Balanced Growth Strategy page.